Saturday, 22 October 2011


This blog consolidates all the learning experiences that would be planned for during the annual 'A Day@SST' event by the School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST). The event, organised for the 3rd time this year on the 22nd October, aims to allow potential students of SST to experience the difference of teaching and learning in a typical SST classroom.

Leveraging on the use of ICT, and with the guidance of SST's experienced teachers, it is hoped that students would be able to enjoy an enriching and engaging lesson in their lesson experiences in the 4 subject areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities.

The subsequent pages gives a hint to the learning experiences that these potential students would get to enjoy during the event.

The pictures in subsequent posts below, and captured on the event day, also captures the learning activities that took place in the various classrooms, as well as throughout the event itself.

Enjoy the lesson write-ups and pictures.

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