English Lesson A: ...of nuances and word choices

Subject: English Language
Location: Learning Oasis
Conducted by: Mdm Zuraida

A) Lesson Objectives:
Content/Knowledge & Skills
Students will...
  1.  Understand and appreciate that nuances in word choices affect their meaning.
  2. Analyze author’s word choices and study the connotations (Language Use Questions)
  3. To read between the lines for implied meanings (Inference Questions)
B) Lesson Activities:

Thinking Routine
Write down your responses
General Understanding of Passage
Q1: What are the key words/ phrases in a passage that support the narrator’s opinion of Sue’s ability in the garden?

Micro Analysis of Paragraph 1  
Q2: What does the word “riot” suggest about the colours of the flowers in Sue’s garden?

Q3: What is the author suggesting about her plants with the use of word “rebellious”?

Micro Analysis of Paragraph 2

Q4: What does the phrase ‘a ferocious army of weeds’ imply?